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by orangesoda

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a lil album i recorded w/ my phone bc im too cheap to buy an actual mic


released May 21, 2015



all rights reserved


orangesoda Tallahassee, Florida

hi welcome pls have a seat help urself to the low sodium ritz crackers on the table

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Track Name: change of plans
let's go on an adventure
to somewhere far away
a place where we can stay
just for a day

we'll travel to a strange city
we can get there by dusk
and nobody will miss us
i swear nobody will miss us

i've got a little backpack
and a suitcase we can bring
so we can carry all our things
and leave behind nothing

and you've got a nice car
with a roomy backseat
so when we're tired we can sleep
we'll just fall asleep

but the sky is looking dark
and the wind's freezing our skin
maybe we should just stay in
let's just stay in

where we can hold hands
while watching dumb movies
that sounds alright to me
a good enough adventure for me
Track Name: did you know
if you want the truth
i like lookin at you
cause i like to see
the way you look at me

your eyes aren’t blue
but your face has two
eyes i know are kind
and that’s hard to find

and your mouth is small
but not repulsive at all
it’s got sweet things to say
i'd kiss it any day

if you want the truth
i wanna look at you
cause i wanna watch and see
the way you look at me

you look at me
like im floating in the sea
and you’re on the shore
and you’re waiting for

an ocean wave to
pick me up and carry me to you
to drop me in your arms
far away from harm

i’d leave here with you
if you asked me to
but you’re too shy
to give it a try
Track Name: car ride home
i always liked you
and i probably still do
it's just that now
i try hard not to

drunk in your car
my head on your arm
so innocent
i meant no harm

but it was kinda nice
melted time like ice
my eyes were shut
but i remember seeing lights

but you've got a lot of friends
and your chore list never ends
and you've got little free
time you can spend

and we lead separate lives
growing further all the time
and that's not gonna change
and that's just fine

but i remember that night
and how it felt so right
if i could go back
i think i just might

i always liked you
and i think i still do
it's just that now
i try not to
Track Name: backpack pins
i thought i had the stuff you lacked
i thought i would be your backpack
and go with you wherever you went
but instead im just a pin on it

when you kissed me you left my mouth dry
so now no matter what i try
i can't make it feel again
or forget the place it's been
the place where it belongs

i wanna say my heart is whole
but i know you have a piece
i see it when you look at me
i hear how loud it beats

my hands know where they wanna be
locked with yours innocently
i let them reach for what they need
but they always come back empty

sometimes i feel i'll lose control
and just run as far as my legs will go
but when i stop i know where i'll be
back with you mentally
we'll be together in daydreams

you saw something in me
and i think that you still do
so why can't i
just be with you
Track Name: can i sit here
i want to run and hide
every time i hear your name
it’s not because im scared
it just causes me pain

sweet just like a honey pot
and you’ve turned my brain to rot
keep it up and you’ll get caught

i shake when your around
i say it's cause im cold
that’s not always a lie but
this feeling’s getting old

weeds are growing in my veins
pockets weighted down with change
we’re making out inside my brain

i wanna sit with you
and ask about your day
my friends think you’re no good
but i can’t keep away

face just like a lemon tree
fingers counting up to three
why don’t you stay here with me

we’d get along real well
from what I can tell
you just say the word
immediately i’ll be yours

napping almost everyday
vonnegut and hemingway
come outside with me to play
Track Name: animal crossing boyfriend
you're so sweet
and cute too
i think of animal crossing
when i look at you

if you stick with me
i promise things won't be bleak
i'll be your kk slider
but 7 days a week

i'll mail you lots of presents
and plant flowers in your town
pull you out of pitfalls
and be the best neighbor around

so grab your ds
we're gonna play
gonna build our own town
starting today

you're the masterpiece
my museum's missing
you're that rare catch
for which i've been fishing

you're my money tree
i swear you're my perfect peach
i'd give a million bells
to kiss you on the cheek

i've got my net in hand
and i'm sneaking real slow
you're no common butterfly
so i can't just let you go

the other boys
they stung me like bees
but you've got a bandaid
the one that i need
Track Name: art is hard
i feel like the sky
water color blue
every time i look at you

i'd draw pictures for you
if art weren't so hard
they'd all be on notecards

i'd hide them inside
all of your clothes
you'd have them everywhere you go

my roommate has god
and my friend's got a dog
i don't know what i've got
i don't know

i know that i
shouldn't like you so much
we haven't hung out enough

but i like your eyes
they're water color blue
i'd paint them if i knew how to
Track Name: where are you hiding
daniel johnston told me
that if i would keep searching
eventually you’d find me
but i have yet to see
that happen

each year that passes i
get closer to having you here
but it’s not enough
to keep me from going nuts
under the weight of unused love

i try to ignore your absence
pretend i don’t need you since
i have goals to accomplish
and other things to do
that don’t involve you

but outside it’s hard not to see
people walking happily
side by side and hand in hand
with their best friend

the sky’s wallpaper and cotton candy
even with friends i’m still lonely
playing dylan reading thomas
i’m waiting for you to show your face
like was always promised