small songs

by orangesoda

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my mom bought me a keyboard


released June 7, 2015



all rights reserved


orangesoda Tallahassee, Florida

hi welcome pls have a seat help urself to the low sodium ritz crackers on the table

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Track Name: bus
riding the bus
around the town
sitting back and counting
the cracks on the ground

i start to feel
like nothing is real
there's nobody
inside of my body

it's not me
this body

it's not me
chewing gum
with my teeth

it's not me
on this bus
Track Name: gonegonegone
they tore down
where we first kissed
but I still
remember it

old room
moldy ceiling
but hand holding
so appealing

little plant
without a name
shower damp hair
not the same

open window
demin jeans
warm blanket
nose ring

roommate quiet
fast asleep
could he hear us

lamp switched off
couldn’t see
but bottom lip
Track Name: coffee ?
just kissing you
was fun to do
let's start a trend
let's do it again

you walked with me
to get coffee
cold weather
you felt my sweater

i felt my insides
fill up with goodbyes
to all the others that
made my heart flutter

looking at you
look at me too
i hope you didn’t think
i spoke too softly

i know i'm not good
at formulating words
i get so nervous
cause you are gorgeous

and i am awkward
can’t look forward
i'm easy to miss
never been kissed

looking at you
look at me too
things felt easy
everything was easy
Track Name: cake demo
walk with me
to the bus
i think i
have a crush
on your face
on your eyes
can you see through
my disguise

meet me
at the park
it's getting dark
watching you
climb a tree
hanging there

push me on the swings
lead me to the lake
pointing at the ducks
we'll feed them bits of cake

frozen lemonade
caramel popcorn
could this be a date
i like how you are warm

walk with me
down my street
our secret
to keep
tell me how
you like my clothes
kiss me once
on the nose

say goodbye
at my fence
can we please
do this again
Track Name: messy
wavy hair
double dare
turn around
look up and down

what do you see
blue and green
what don’t you see
is it me

lines on your back
are making a map
getting dressed
you’ve left me with a mess

leave me be
floating in the sea
going home
all alone

look at me
honey bee
honey when
we meet again

we’ll return
and we’ll learn
what we’re for
nothing more
Track Name: honey
it's weird to think of life before you came
i felt like the girl who didn't have a name
lunch i made at home
sitting all alone

i found you next to me before too long
you liked my words and sang me pleasant songs
you were warm and good
i misunderstood

walking from class to the bus
talking was never enough
my face shy and flushed
i liked you too much

i try not to think of prom
it made my stomach feel wrong
i broke your cd
cause you wouldn’t dance with me


getting caught out in the rain
rolling your pant legs up in vain
wet sand on my knees
your wet hair funny


it’s a secret how i reached out for your hand
cause now i'm just glad i can call you my friend
dressed like bobby d
you make me happy
Track Name: probably
and if i ever kiss you
remind me not to
cause if i do they'll probably
tear that place down too