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lily rasmussen ur music is the cutest thing ever!! always brings a smile 2 my face:-) Favorite track: couches.
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idk what the latter half of 2015 was but here's an album about it

most songs written sept/oct '15, except "being" and "alive," both written dec '15

all recorded in my bedroom w/ my phone bc poor


released December 17, 2015



all rights reserved


orangesoda Tallahassee, Florida

hi welcome pls have a seat help urself to the low sodium ritz crackers on the table

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Track Name: uncomfortable
my body scares me
it’s fragile and uncomfy
it’s got a lot of bruises
that are all a mystery
ur body scared me
it was big and unhappy
but it was comfy
and now im unhappy

it’s good to know i love
that it’s something that i can do
but sometimes there’s too much
i wish u were not u

u’ve got the softest hands
i couldn’t find a callous
but u didn’t know what to do with them
so u hid them in ur pockets

i had my own pockets
but still i reached 4 u
i brushed ur pocket hand
but it wouldn’t move

i said i didn’t know
when really i did
feigning ignorance
makes me manipulative

but i don’t wanna be
i just wanna be
in control of these
Track Name: anyway(s)
i thought i was safe
traveling with u
u were a backpack
in the color blue

u were a notebook
i could take with me
and write my poems
that later we could read

the world behind us
u r the kindest
ur jacket warmest
and blanket softest

i miss ur face when
ur mouth opened
my love is open
where have u been

ur probably sleeping
i keep on keeping
this secret to myself
my love's for u and nobody else

i make my yogurt different
colors with m&ms
ur skin is lovely
y do u think it's ugly

i can't love u
but i do anyways
Track Name: couches
i'm probaly not the saddest person
but i am rarely happy by myself
however just the other day
i was smiling, sitting on my couch
maybe it was the jonathan richman
i was playing one of his cds
but i have heard them all before
and i have never felt like this before

that's how i know it's u

dishes piled in my sink
i'm used to watching tv by myself
however just the other day
i saw u smiling, sitting on my couch
i wanna tell u why it is
i read the signs we pass compulsively
i try to think of why that is
i usually don't talk so much like this

that's when i knew it was u
Track Name: poems
u said u started writing poems but u
won't let me read them
well i wrote a poem too
it's about u
but u can read it if u want to

u said that all ur friends were depressed
well i'm sorry u've got another one to deal with
im sorry i showed so much interest
it's something i have to deal with
Track Name: drinks
last night i was scared of growing up
now im in the bathroom throwing up
i drank too much
something i usually dont do

the drinks stung as they went down
i spent my time throwing ur name around
i liked it's warmth
it reminded me of ur bed
but i can't
remember the things i said

seeing things that were not there
talking bout dyeing ur hair
i said i'd help but knew i'd fuck it up
cause i want u
to do the things
u wanna do
Track Name: waffles
the time that u first followed me
helping out with my laundry
i felt ur warmth inside of my laundry
i felt ur warmth inside of my body

on the couch i watched u move closer
the waffles warming inside of ur toaster
i tied ur hands when u were near me
ur blanket carrying my feet softly

a tighter grip
a crowded place
a confused thought
an empty space

i say the things
u wanna hear
and when ur gone
i start to fear

that u don’t know
the things i know
i love u so
Track Name: being
i wanna be alive

i've got this soft stuff in my hands
filling space between my fingers
i've got the same stuff in my heart
my heart

i know my hands will never change
always reaching for the wrong people
but this stuff inside my heart
my heart

this bus is moving fast
and when it turns the corner
it nearly hits the cars that pass
but i feel safe

some days i spend inside my bed
where it is warm and nothing hurts me
no one talks to me
and i am safe

i want the world to know ur name
i wanna say it so often
that it loses its meaning
and i wanna feel alive
Track Name: alive
u r a gift
i am a blur
i wonder if i knew
just what u were

u'd be a dream
of the bittersweet kind
i love too much
i hope that u don't mind

and when i feel the things
i think i should feel
will i love everything
will it make u real

sometimes i think about
the way ur pant legs roll
ur holy shoes
and all of ur old clothes

the front seat of ur car
it scared me that i
could see u in the dark
so early in the morning

u r alive